Why Led ?

LED lighting which is the blessing of modern technology. In the field of lighting LED is the most Safer, Greener and Energy Saving technology so far invented.

There are many advantages and benefits of LED light over conventional fluorescent light. It just makes sense to do your research and see all pros and cons of your decision before making the final word. Ecolite LED Bulbs save 60% electrical energy compare to ‘ Traditional Energy saving Bulb’ (CFL - Compact Fluorescent Light) & LED Tube lights save 70% electrical energy compare to conventional fluorescent tube light and have 10 times more longer life. With the excellent lighting efficiency and appearance it generates very little heat. It uses no Mercury and does not produce UV ray. With the increase of environmental awareness, health hazards and cost saving concept LED lighting is becoming more popular day by day around the world.   
The question is no longer “why are Ecolite Led lights better?” rather “why has not everyone taken advantage of all these benefits by now?”
It is your decision now by replacing conventional bulb and tube light with ‘Ecolite’ LED bulb and tube light to make the planet greener, to create a safer working place for your workers, and save energy which will save your cost and help our nation to overcome the acute shortage of power.
We assure you to provide the best LED bulbs and tube lights for your needs.
Ecolite LED Products are CE, ROHS, UL and TUV certified with IEC standard and we provide two years warranty for bulbs and 3 years warranty for tube lights.
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